I must give a warning now...This game is not for the faint of heart.
If you experience claustrophobia, enter at your own risk. After all, you are about to be trapped in a remote cottage.

This game is quite different from others; it contains magic. As a result, many of the items will change as you progress through your quests. In other words, expect the unexpected. You will only have 30 minutes to escape the cottage; if you do not beat the game in time, you will surely die.

If you muster up the courage to play anyway, be sure to enter your name when prompted. Each time you find a clue, it will be located in your Inventory. If you cannot manage to escape the right way, you may consult the Oracle's eye by clicking on the eye at the bottom of the page. Would you like to enable hints?

Go straight to the Ending

Without further ado,
Let's Begin...